Reverend Dr. Rembert Truluck Quote

For those of you who didn’t know…

“One of the problems that we face is the bible has incorrectly been translated by using the word homosexual to translate a word in Greek that does not mean homosexual.”

“In fact in the new testament  there is NO Greek word for homosexual. There is NO Hebrew word for homosexual. There is NO such word for sodomite which is used in Judges.” 

Did you know that homosexual wasn’t printed in an English Bible until 1946? Many people didn’t. Hell I didn’t. My resources for these quotes was a documentary which I think you should check out called, “One Nation Under God!” If you have Netflix it is on there for instant streaming. This documentary was great because its about how conversion therapy doesn’t work and it has interviews with some pretty good people. Like Michael Bussee and Gary Cooper. Do their names sound familiar? I’ll give you a hint, these guys were part of Exodus International. Co-founders to be exact. Lemme tell you a little secret…are you ready?..They came out after years of pretending to be straight and changed! In this documentary they talk about the crazy schemes of Exodus International and how preposterous these methods are. Hope I enlightened you! 

Ciao lovelies ❤

My Story!/Someone Cares!

hey everyone, haven’t much of a chance to update on here and I’m slowly gaining followers. some of you might be wondering why i made this blog and if not then i’m just gonna share anyway. well i guess i should say that i’m a pansexual and for those who don’t know what that is to simply put it i love everyone all the same. i can fall in love with anyone because i accept everyone the same. i wouldn’t mind a lesbian, bisexual, etc and so on..i don’t know if that makes much sense to anyone, i guess the way i always explain it is i am a very accepting person. i use to tell everyone i liked guys and girls which is true but then i realized its more about personality than anything else. i just love people for them, ya know. anyway, i have listened to people all my life qualify things as being ‘the wrong way’. i even have people in my family who are super religious. -for that reason i can’t even post my orientation on my facebook without getting told that i can change. i know first hand and i am telling you and anyone who is willing to read this that you can’t change. its not as easy as changing your underwear or changing the color of your hair, its more than that…its part of who you are. and no one should want to change that. no one should be forced to change either. that is mostly what this blog is about. i want people to be more aware of the way people feel and the stupid methods people like Exodus International and other crazy people like NARTH try to impose on people. we all need to stand up and make it know that we don’t NEED or WANT to change! getting back to my story, i think i knew i liked girls at an early age. i just chose to ignore it. i’m pretty sure one of my first crushes was Britney Spears. haha, i’m not sure why but i guess that was my first clue. after that when i entered highschool i fell for my best friend. and i never said anything, to those of you who have a person you connect with on so many levels don’t be afraid to express yourself, i’m not saying go crazy and confess your undying love to your straight cautious, but i am saying be be brave because you never know when that person might turn out to like you too. anyway, i’m rambling again…back to it, now i was very fortunate to have a very accepting family. i came out shortly after my brother did. my brother told me and my cousin before he told anyone else. but his coming out was literally us in the kitchen and me yelling to my mom that my brother was gay. i’m a very open person. i don’t care if you don’t like me or don’t accept me because i accept me. and i accept all of you. i want you guys to know that coming out is scary but i am here for you. i want to know your story…mine wasn’t much of one i know but i thought maybe i could convince some of you to tell a friend, or a teacher or a parent. its scary and you never know what they are going to say but i believe in you and i know you can do it. 

so just to prove that i am here listening to you, this is my personal email and i want you to use it,

please don’t hesitate. i want to here from you. ask me questions…tell me your story. hell, even if you need a friend. i am here. i just want you to know someone cares. the LGBTQ community loses people everyday and i don’t want to lose you. i think if we stick together this world will be a better place. lots of love ❤   


Hey everyone,

     My name is Tiffany. I’m a freshman in college and recently I started a paper on ‘Conversion therapy’. I am trying to get more people aware of the outrageous methods that these people use on the LGBTQ community. These people brain wash these individuals and their parents into thinking they can change a person sexuality. There will be more to come. I’m going to post interviews, videos, and different articles that I find. I think that this is the bright beginning to a very important gay rights blog. Thanks for taking the time to read, More coming soon!