Reverend Dr. Rembert Truluck Quote

For those of you who didn’t know…

“One of the problems that we face is the bible has incorrectly been translated by using the word homosexual to translate a word in Greek that does not mean homosexual.”

“In fact in the new testament  there is NO Greek word for homosexual. There is NO Hebrew word for homosexual. There is NO such word for sodomite which is used in Judges.” 

Did you know that homosexual wasn’t printed in an English Bible until 1946? Many people didn’t. Hell I didn’t. My resources for these quotes was a documentary which I think you should check out called, “One Nation Under God!” If you have Netflix it is on there for instant streaming. This documentary was great because its about how conversion therapy doesn’t work and it has interviews with some pretty good people. Like Michael Bussee and Gary Cooper. Do their names sound familiar? I’ll give you a hint, these guys were part of Exodus International. Co-founders to be exact. Lemme tell you a little secret…are you ready?..They came out after years of pretending to be straight and changed! In this documentary they talk about the crazy schemes of Exodus International and how preposterous these methods are. Hope I enlightened you! 

Ciao lovelies ❤


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