Hey everyone,

     My name is Tiffany. I’m a freshman in college and recently I started a paper on ‘Conversion therapy’. I am trying to get more people aware of the outrageous methods that these people use on the LGBTQ community. These people brain wash these individuals and their parents into thinking they can change a person sexuality. There will be more to come. I’m going to post interviews, videos, and different articles that I find. I think that this is the bright beginning to a very important gay rights blog. Thanks for taking the time to read, More coming soon! 


8 thoughts on “Intro!

  1. actually it is brainwashing and its not the power of god! if god wanted to do something about the way things were he would. who are people to judge? i do have a say in the matter because i wouldn’t let any of these quacks touch anyone i care about. times are changing, if you dont accept them than that is ur choice but dont being god into something that isn’t relevant to my cause. dont read the blog if you dont like it.

    • Okay, that is you. Not everyone wants to or needs to change. I’m making people aware of the repercussions. That is fantastic for you..but if God wanted me to change I’m sure he would have done something. God came to you…most of these people he doesn’t and ppl that think they know what they are doing do stuff that hurts people. It’s not right and that is what I blog about. Your entitled to your opinion but I am to mine as well.

      • my opinion is based on fact. homosexuality can’t be changed. it’s been proven! and i stand by that. so if it changed for u than maybe u weren’t a true homosexual.. you can change views not sexual orientation.

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