Gay pride colors painted on home facing Westboro Baptist Church

By Sarah Clarke

TOPEKA, Kan. — Known for their “God hates fags” slogan, members of Westboro Baptist Church will soon have to face the gay pride flag — or its colors — every day.

Aaron Jackson, a humanitarian who helped found Planting Peace, a charity that has in the past assisted orphanages, rain forests and helped with de-worming programs, bought a house located across from the church six months ago.

In a phone interview with FOX4KC, Jackson said he and a team of volunteers will spend Tuesday painting the colors of the gay pride flag on it. So far, Jackson said he’s received nothing but support from the Topeka community.

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“People keep coming out, honking horns, taking pictures,” he said. “There has been no negative response.”

Jackson said his non-profit is calling the house the “Equality House.”

Jackson told the Huffington Post he knew nothing…

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Minn. Senate Panel Approves Same-Sex Marriage Bill

News of the Day!!

WCCO | CBS Minnesota

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ST. PAUL, Minn. (AP/WCCO) — Minnesota House and Senate lawmakers have given crucial victories to supporters of same-sex marriage.

The House Civil Law Committee passed a bill to legalize gay marriage Tuesday night on a 10-7 party-line vote, with all Democrats in favor and all Republicans opposed. The Senate Judiciary Committee passed a bill earlier Tuesday.

It was the first time state legislative committees have backed marriage rights for gay couples. The bills now head to the floor, where a final vote is not expected until much later in session.

The Democratic-led Legislature is pressing ahead with the marriage bill after voters defeated a constitutional amendment last November that would have fortified an existing ban on same-sex marriage. Gov. Mark Dayton says he will sign the bill if it reaches him, which would make Minnesota the ninth state to legalize gay marriage.

But the fight…

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Prayers for Bobby…

Today I finally got my book and as I’m reading I can’t help but feel empty. I’ve always wanted to read this book since I saw the movie a few years ago. This story saddens me and it has opened my eyes to some things that just can’t be helped. Peoples ignorance can get the best of people and it really needs to stop. While I’m reading I keep thinking about the others out there that don’t have the support system that others have. Some LGBTQ youth don’t have a supporting family, church, etc. I keep thinking about those we lost and the ones we continue to lose, to them I am truly sorry that no one is doing or has done anything to help you. I care about you deeply and there are others out there who want to help and support you! So always remember that WE are here and I treasure you. Mary Griffith took for granted what she had and nothing can change the outcome but she has done so much for the LGBTQ community. So this post goes out to Mary & Bobby Griffith-you are and always will be in my heart. And for those who are struggling, keep moving forward because I promise you it will get better and once you finally reach that solace you won’t regret the road it took you to get there! Lots of Love ❤Image